Triage 4 Pediatrics provides a complete after-hours telephone triage service performed by qualified nurses using the latest versions of the well-recognized protocols developed by Dr. Barton Schmitt. In addition to these standardized protocols, we incorporate your personal preferences, such as home care, care at your clinic the next day, or a referral to the ER or urgent care facility, in our recommendations to your patients. If you choose to sign the consent form, we can also call in prescriptions, pre-determined by you, to a local pharmacy, if the situation requires.

Triage 4 Pediatrics completes every call we take by faxing detailed documentation directly to your office by 9 a.m. the following morning. This gives you the information you need for appropriate clinical follow-up and provides a written record for you to insert in your patient’s file.

We are available to field your after-hours calls evenings, nights, weekends, and every holiday. You can use us regularly or you can choose to use our services only in times of your greatest need, such as your busy time of year or on holidays and during vacations.

At Triage 4 Pediatrics, we stay flexible, so you can customize our service to your particular needs.

"I know my patients are in excellent care after hours. The triage nurses always make appropriate decisions and my patients are constantly telling me how much they love the service. Triage 4 Pediatrics is the #1 choice for after hours triage."

Dr. Rhonda Merchant, Plano, TX