Welcome to Triage 4 Pediatrics

As a successful pediatrician, you know how essential it is to provide a reliable, knowledgeable, caring after-hours team for your patients to contact when you are not available. That’s us! We’re Triage 4 Pediatrics.

We provide services nationwide!

We are located in Dallas,Texas and we provide telephone nursing care across the nation for over 400 pediatricians. 

Our registered nurses are required to have at least 5 years of pediatric experience and demonstrate not only expertise in the field, but a level of concern and caring often absent from other companies. We understand that we represent you as an extension of your office. Maintaining your patients’ positive attitude towards you is always paramount in our minds.

Excellent Nurses with Enormous Hearts

Our experienced pediatric nurses use the standardized protocols developed by Dr. Barton Schmitt to help your patients when you’re unavailable. But more importantly, we implement these protocols with empathy and understanding, to put parents’ minds at ease while providing them with the best available advice.

A Virtual Extension of your Office

No matter where your office is located, Triage 4 Pediatrics is available evenings, nights and weekends, including holidays. We support your practice with the knowledgeable after-hours advice your patients count on you to provide. You can enjoy peace of mind and relief from common after-hours medical calls, secure in the knowledge that we will support your practice professionally and lovingly help your patients when your office is closed.

Unsurpassed Quality and Genuine Caring

Triage 4 Pediatrics is overseen by a Medical Director and we routinely apply rigorous Quality Assurance standards. This ensures that you’re getting the highest quality service and your patients are getting the highest quality care. But more than that, we insist our nurses show the same level of concern and caring you do when you care for your patients.

We love children. That’s the bottom line.

"My old service sometimes had long waits for return calls or just had parents listen to a tape of information. The nurses at Triage 4 Pediatrics return calls promptly, are very helpful, and provide excellent documentation of the calls. I actually had one parent come by the office to tell me how pleased she was with the service. I sleep better at night since I started using Triage 4 Pediatrics because I am confident that my patients are in very capable hands.

Lisa Swanson, MD, FAAP